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Start of Christian Calendar Year: First Sunday in Advent

Description: Commemoration: The start of the Christian calendar year. Preparing to celebrate the birth and second coming of the Christ.

Theme: The Advent Hope.

Celebration: Weekly communal worship and decorating homes in preparation for Christmas.

Scheduling: 4th Sunday before Christmas Day, or 3 days after the last Thursday in November. Also: The closest Sunday to St Andrew's Day on 30 November each year (UK).

Lection (odd year): ISAIAH 51: 4 - 11; Rom 13:8 - 14; Mt 25: 31 - 46.

Lection (even year): ISAIAH 52: 1 - 10; 1 Thes 5: 1 - 11; Lk 21: 25 - 33.

Seasonal Preface:
"And now we give you thanks,
because the day of our deliverance is dawning,
and you will judge the world in justice
by him who will come in power and triumph
and make all things new."
Date: Sunday, 29 November 2015
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