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Palm Sunday: Holy Week begins

Description: Start of Holy Week: The most solemn week of the Christian year.

Theme: The Way of the Cross.

Commemorating: The entry of the Lord Jesus into Jerusalem, riding on a colt, when the locals placed palm leaves on the streets to welcome Him into the city.

Celebration: Prayer and reflection, particularly remembering the last week of Jesus's life, and his ultimate journey along the _via dolorosa_ (the road of suffering).

Scheduling: 6th (last) Sunday of the 40 days of Lent. One week before Easter.

Lection (odd years): Zech 9:9-12; 1 Cor 1:18-25; MARK 11:1-11 OR MATTHEW 26 & 27.

Lection (even years): Is 52:13 - 53:12; Heb 10:1-10; MATTHEW 21:1-11 OR MATTHEW 26 & 27.

Seasonal Preface:
"And now we give you thanks for the majesty of Christ our Lord,
who rode into Jerusalem as a King
and was hailed with palm branches and cries of acclamation (Jn. 12:12f.),
but trod the way of the Cross before he entered into his glory,
so that he might make it the way of redemption."
Date: Sunday, 29 March 2015
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